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About Us


About Us

WatchNY president and CEO Gary Galitsky is a watch enthusiast. In 2005, he purchased his first luxury timepiece, a Rolex Datejust. His interest began as a part-time hobby, and has developed into a passion for finding rare watches, and sharing his expertise with others. Over the past several years, Gary has sold more than 200 high-end watches and accessories.

Gary believes in establishing trust, educating each buyer, simplifying the process, and remaining competitive. WatchNY can typically offer lower prices than other online watch dealers.

As a member of the International Watch & Jewelry Guild, we have access to a large network of reputable dealers from around the globe. We appraise and authenticate each watch before it is bought or sold.

Our goal is to make the experience as easy as possible for you, our customer. If you are interested in a classic timepiece like Rolex, let Watch NY take your vision to the next level.

Why WatchNY?

Unlike our competitors, we promise personalized advice and service.